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Before settling into his current job in software development at TestsForge, Joshua Clark worked in multiple positions as an Information Technology and Services expert. These positions included positions as a Software Engineer, Senior Developer, and Senior Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services, Google, and VonExpy Softech LLC. The foundation of Joshua Clark's expertise was gained through his education at Texas A&M University. There he earned a degree that enabled him to understand the principles of software testing and debugging. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: 646-363 Cisco Express Foundation for Account Managers, 646-276 Selling Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Solutions, 650-473 Implementing Cisco Identity Services Engine Secure Solutions (ISE), 220-302 CompTIA A+ OS Technologies, HP3-X10 Servicing HP Essential Desktop Products, 3301 Avaya Aura Contact Centre Maintenance and Troubleshooting, 646-985 Data Center Networking Solution Sales, HP0-D15 Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions, HP0-238 Supporting the MSA1000 and SCSI JBODS, E22-192 Captiva Installation, Configuration, and Management and HP0-065 Planning and Designing ProLiant Solutions for the Enterprise. Joshua Clark also creates the website of vaco. The Association of Virginia Counties has a lot of information to forward to its communities and Joshua Clark has helped them do just that through the vaco website. Through this site there are numerous pages to visit that break down the information into smaller parts to keep it from being too overwhelming for the visitor to the site. Joshua Clark has included a blog and access to follow this organization on a few of the social media sites. For those requiring further answers that the website may not have provided Joshua Clark has included all contact information to get those questions answered in a timely manner. If you are seeking employment in one of the association’s counties you can find information about opening through the site as well. There are some features offered by the association that some might find surprising or even find that they might want to get involved. Joshua Clark tried to include all that as well so that every stone was turned and there was something for each viewer on the site.

1. About the webpage vaco/partners/: Joshua Clark wanted to share the good names of some of the people and companies that partner with the organization so he created the Partners page of the site. He has listed a group of reputable companies that have tied their name to the association. He has also provided the contact information for the executive director of the partners group.


2. About the webpage vaco/: To give viewers the opportunity to better understand the VACO Joshua Clark has built the VACo page to tell the story of it. The page starts with the true beginning of the organization and works its way through where they are now. This has grown into a powerful organization after starting with only a small handful of counties. They also have a mission and Joshua Clark shares that mission statement on this page as well.


3. About the webpage membership/: Being part of the VACO is important to the counties of Virginia’s well being. Joshua Clark built the Membership page to outline the benefits of being a member. Joshua Clark shows that the main interest of the VACO is helping counties keep expenses in control, improve their operations within a county, and lead them to secure financial solutions. There is a tremendous amount of time that goes into running a county that the outside world doesn’t always see so Joshua Clark is trying to steer counties towards membership for the good of its residents.


4. About the webpage legislative/join-a-steering-committee/: Sometimes persons would like to be a part of the committees that make decisions for various county plans. Joshua Clark created the Join a Steering Committee Page to instruct people better on how to become part of one of those committees. There are guidelines and requirements that must be met that Joshua Clark has included on his page. He has also added a listing of operational committees that might also be considered by candidates.


5. About the webpage legislativenews/TMDLPlan10.pdf: When a state or county is trying to implement a watershed plan there is a tremendous amount of thought and planning that must go into it. Joshua Clark has created the Legislative News page to serve as a ground for posting this kind of information. He knows that residents need to be aware of the happenings in their area so that when issues have to be voted on they can be well informed to make the right decision on the ballots.


6. About the webpage membership/go-green/: The association has challenged its members to “Go Green”. Joshua Clark built the Go Green page to inform members how to participate in the Go Green forum. His page lists the requirements and contacts for the project. Joshua Clark also list a contact for questions that may not be covered within the scope of the page.


7. About the webpage education/supervisor-certification/: County supervisors need to be the best leaders they can and there are classes that can help them achieve that. Joshua Clark has created the Supervisor Certification page to help leaders find the education they need to be the best. The page offers a course description, scheduling and class information, along with some information on the instructors. Enrollment is limited so visit Joshua Clark’s page soon.


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