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In his prior work experience, Courtney Pulley has worked at LEXMARK, Miracle Software Systems INC, Cisco Systems, and Kyocera Wireless India Pvt Ltd. While at these companies, Courtney Pulley fulfilled roles as Team Lead, Software Engineer, and Senior Product Engineer. Working in these positions has made Courtney Pulley qualified to operate as a software developer in his current position at TestsForge. Additionally, he gained significant product knowledge while pursuing his degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: HP2-K29 Pre-Assessment Supporting and Servicing HP P6000 EVA Solutions, 650-297 TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Advanced (PATVFEA), 642-355 CSSDS, 9E0-431 CVOICE, E20-661 Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers, 642-384 Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers, HP0-M18 HP LoadRunner Software, 640-721 IUWNE, E22-201 Mainframe Business Continuity Local Replication, E20-500 EMC Storage and Information Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Technology Architects, 640-100 MCNS and 1D0-430 CIW Application Developer. Courtney Pulley also creates the website of crimemagazine. Crime is an attention getter for many people in today’s world. With that in mind Courtney Pulley created the Crime Scene Magazine website at this address crimemagazine. This site is packed full of crime stories and information that most crime buffs didn’t even know about. Courtney Pulley has made it easy to look for the types of crimes that interest his viewers. He has taken the time to break it into categories such as heists, celebrity, murder, sex, and even more categories. Any crime buff is sure to find something that will peak their interest on this site. Chances are that by visiting Courtney Pulley’s site people will learn about murders and criminals that they had no clue about. Courtney Pulley didn’t just stop at the most famous; he included everyone of interest. He even included sections on straight forensics and books that may be of interest to viewers of the site.

1. About the webpage nixon%E2%80%99s-plots-against-daniel-ellsberg: Most people are familiar with Nixon and Watergate but, are you aware of whom Daniel Ellsberg is? Courtney Pulley put together the page Nixon’s Plots Against Daniel Ellsberg. He includes an article written by Don Fulsom to better shed light on the situation from 1970’s history. This is a part of history that Americans should become familiar with.


2. About the webpage bradley-manning-patriot-or-traitor: Courtney Pulley included an interesting story on the page titled Bradley Manning: Patriot or Traitor? This is a story that a lot of crime buffs don’t even know about and one that lovers of the USA might want to know about. Courtney Pulley included details in the page that many people probably didn’t know about. What seemed to be an easy open shut case has become more on the soap opera side of the fence and Courtney Pulley wasn’t afraid to share that with the public.


3. About the webpage scott-peterson-pregnant-wife-killer: Courtney Pulley did not forget to include recent murders brought to justice either. He built a page titled Scott Peterson: The Pregnant Wife Killer. If you ever watch the news you are most likely familiar with one of the most hated men in the world at that time. Visit the page and let Courtney Pulley give you more information in a short article written by Denise Noe.


4. About the webpagesolitary-confinement-jails-and-prisons: Solitary Confinement in Jails and Prisons is a page that Courtney Pulley created that definitely hits home to both sides of the controversy. No matter what your stand is on the issue you should visit the site and get another perspective. Courtney Pulley also included a story composed by an inmate that had time in the “hole” and how it affected him.


5. About the webpage clerk-thwarts-gunman-20-atlanta-area-school: The page Courtney Pulley created titled Clerk Thwarts Gunman at Atlanta Area School proves that there are still heroes in this crazy world. Courtney Pulley tells the story about a school clerk stalling an armed gunman long enough for the police to arrive. By doing such an act that clerk kept the man away from the student packed classrooms. Courtney Pulley did a good job building this page and letting the world know there are good people still around.


6. About the webpage case-against-cardinal-donald-wuerl: The Vatican makes the news from time to time for one thing or another and the one that they dislike the most is cases involving pedophilia. Courtney Pulley’s page The Case Against Cardinal Donald Wuerl touches on just that annoyance for the Vatican. Some believe that the Cardinal’s reputation for having “zero tolerance” for pedophiles is an undeserved reputation; draw your own theories.


7. About the webpage railroaded-part-ii-firefighters-case: For those that like a little of a conspiracy theory to their favorite stories need to visit Courtney Pulley’s page; Railroaded Part II: The Firefighters Case. Courtney Pulley has thickened the plot with the accounts of testimonies he has included in this page. There are also excerpts for supposed interviews where more of the conspiracy is leaked. After reading this page you will have to draw you own conclusions.


8. About the webpage sharon-kinne-la-pistolera-0: Fans of crime often find it luring to read stories about female killers and Courtney Pulley found one to creat a page for and that page is Sharon Kinne: La Pistolera. This woman’s story has quite the twist and turns; enough to keep most anyone interested until the end. Courtney Pulley did a fine job putting together the page and utilizing a story written by J.J. Maloney about Sharon Kinne.


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