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Charles Turner spent fours years as an engineer with the Comptia Corporation and three years as a storage networking design and management engineer with the EMC Corporation in Hopkinton MA before he began doctoral studies. In 2009, he joined us as the developer for EMC and Compita certification exams prep program. Dr. Turner's research concentrates on EMC Information Storage and Management, EMC Backup Recovery Systems and Architecture, EMC Technology Foundations, EMC VNX Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects, EMC Content Management System Administration, EMC Network Attached Storage (NAS) Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators, CompTIA A+ Practical Application, CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals, CompTIA Academic/E2C A+ Essentials and so on. At the part-time, Charles Turner runs an insurance company. This company is nothing to do with certification exams. But it’s very special. It provides insurance for leisure, sports, film, and special event clients all around the US. For most policies, they can be written on a short-term. For the purpose of running this business, Charles Turner build the websites insurevents. The following are some of their core business:

1. Charles Turner’s run business for outdoor events. He write an article about the tips of outdoor event. The articles are about 3 things. (1). Plan ahead, plan way ahead. (2). It can be like one big camping trip. (3). Other things you may not have thought about. …Mind the wind. Wind is a frequent outdoor hazard. Assume everything can blow over and anchor them accordingly. We see almost as many "hit by blown object" claims as we do "slip and fall" ones. ….


2. Charles Turner is responsible for the insurance business for all vendors and exhibitors from a fair, festival or show organizer. Please notice, premium rates shown are based on a single event lasting 5 days or less and additional rates may apply for food trucks.


3. Charles Turner is responsible for the vendor-exhibitor program. It’s similar with the group vendor business above. Please notice, the company is unable to provide Products Liability if you are involved in the sale/demonstration of auto parts, weapons, exercise equipment, motorized equipment/vehicles …


4. Accident medical insurance is also the core business of the company. …Accident medical insurance, unlike liability insurance, is payable without regard to fault and is intended to "make whole" the participant for out of pocket medical costs in the event of an accident …


5. Charles Turner also runs the business for sports participant insurance. It will covers spectators, coaches, officials, and staff as well. If you want to apply, please contact Charles Turner. Normally within 1 business day, we will email or fax you a written quotation.


6. They carry the sports camps and clinics insurance program too. It’s developed to address the needs of camp and clinic organizers. Please contact Charles Turner about the details too.


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