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Chandler Fisher is director of the CompTIA certification exams prep program, and director of the CompTIA certification exam engine program at TestsForge. He teaches and conducts research in the areas of CompTIA A+ and Linux + certification. Mr. Fisher has received numerous awards, including, recently, the Best Study Guide of the Year (2013) in TestsForge. Mr. Fisher's international experience includes work with the England and Japan certification exam prep organization. Chandler Fisher currently focuses on the following certification exams: 650-027 Cisco Digital Media System for SE/FE (CDMS2), HP2-H17 Designing and Implementing HP Thin Client Solutions, HP0-X02 Designing & Implementing HP Enterprise Backup Solutions, 650-303 Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the SE (PACSCERSE), 700-104 Business Edition 6000 for Account Managers, HP2-H19 HP Client Virtualization Solutions - Sales, E20-547 VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators, 3601 Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 Maintenance and Troubleshooting, 648-238 Implementing Cisco Connected Physical Security 1, QQ0-100 Help Desk Analyst (HDA), HP2-N33 Selling HP IT Performance Suite Solutions, TMPTE TMap NEXT® Test Engineer, 646-521 RSS and HP2-B90 HP Imaging and Printing Hardware - Sales. also creates the website of carpenoctem which is devoted to taking a deeper look at the human emotion of fear and how it plays into our tendency to develop conspiracy theories and other irrational concepts that emerge. In his website, Glenn Pierre takes a look at the concept of fear by considering the fields of conspiracies, suspect military strategies, the actions of serial killers, and mobsters. The conclusion of Carpe Noctem is that, as humans, we should fear, we should embrace this normal emotional and learn from it as it applies to human nature.

1. Fearsome military dictators have been a source of fear for the masses for many centuries. As Glenn Pierre explains at the page of tamerlane, Tamerlane epitomized the role of ruthless leader during his reign as a Central Asian military leader in the Middle Ages. This interesting article describes his military career and his hunger for exercising control of countless people and territories. …Focusing first on controlling neighboring tribes, Tamerlane then turned toward Persia and, between 1380 and 1389, conquered Iran ...


2. Few conspiracy theories can rival that of the alleged UFO visit to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Glenn Pierre provides a unique perspective on this incident that has captured the imagination of generations. Read the article at the page of roswell and decide for yourself if this was a legitimate alien invasion or a top secret government plot.


3. We typically don’t associate the beautiful Hawaiian Islands with fear or scary activity, but, as Glenn Pierre reveals at the page of hawaii, there are some notable alleged haunted locales in Hawaii. Read through this list of mysterious events that occurred at specific locations around Hawaii and see what you think. Will you dare to visit them on your next trip to Hawaii?


4. Speaking of fear, former mob crime boss Paul Castellano struck terror in the underground New York crime scene during his heyday as the most feared “Don” in America. To learn more about this powerful Mafia figure, be sure to check out Glenn Pierre’s castellano page that gives several accounts describing how Castellano operated and exercised his supreme power.


5. Mongol Conqueror Genghis Khan is the subject at the page of genghis-khan. Glenn Pierre gives readers an outstanding biography of Khan’s career and accomplishments as a supreme influential leader. …Khan required each of his federation’s subtribes to maintain a standing force prepared to defend their territory or to assume the offensive. …


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