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Calvin M. Silver was born in 1952 in Liverpool. He is an assistant professor of EE science at Suffolk University. He now lives on 245 Crescent Creek Ct. Greenville South Carolina. His phone number is 8642825453. His research is currently focused around the Cisco wireless technology and Oracle database. Professor Calvin received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Davis on 1975. He is an expert in Cisco certification. He has written many articles about Cisco 350-001 CCIE Routing & Switching, Cisco 640-878: SPNGN2 (Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2) and Cisco 642-278 : PAIUCMTV (Implementing CUCM for TelePresence Video Solutions) exam. Professor Calvin is also interested in the leak detection system evaluations. He is the member of the NWGLDE website to develop the detection evaluations. NWGLDE has an independent Work Group comprised of 11 members. The following are some articles Professor Calvin contributed to the team:.

Recent Publications

1. On 2013, Professor Calvin wrote the following content for glossary page on website of nwglde

GLOSSARY OF TERMS: Measured Leak Rate: A positive number in gallons per hour (gph), measured by test device that indicates the amount of product leaking out of the tank system. A negative number would indicate that something was being added to the tank. The performance of a system is based on how well the measured leak rate compares to the actual induced leak rate.


2. Professor Calvin edited the following content for library page on website of nwglde

LIBRARY SECTION: FAQ #6 - Automatic Mechanical Line Leak Detectors (MLLDs) - Part II L.U.S.T.Line #53, September, 2006 "Can an MLLD evaluated in a rigid pipeline system be used in a flexible pipeline system? Due to the difference in bulk modulus (amount of stretching under pressure) between rigid piping and flexible piping, MLLDs designed for use in rigid pipelines may not..."


3. Professor Calvin edited the following content for checklists page on website of nwglde

MISCELLANEOUS FORMS: The high water level alarm should not be set so high that water ingress into the tank goes undetected for long periods of time.


4. Professor Calvin edited the following content for disclaimer page on website of nwglde

Listing Content Disclaimer: ... software may produce parameters and data values that are significantly different than the listed third-party evaluation parameters and data values.  It is the responsibility of the local implementing agency to accept or reject those modifications or changes.


5. Professor Calvin edited the following content for privacy page on website of nwglde

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