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Bruce Blakeslee is currently a Software Developer at TestsForge, but has previously worked as a Software Engineer for Cisco. Other companies that have employed Bruce Blakeslee over his 12 years of experience in the development of computer software include Hewlett-Packard, TCS, and VonExpy Softech LLC. While at these companies, Bruce Blakeslee has used the valuable education that he gained at Visvesvaraya Technological University to earn the roles of Technical Architect, Software Design Engineer and Product Engineer. Most recently, he works on a variety of certification exams, including: 642-887 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next Generation Core Network Services, 640-506 SUPRT, HP2-E52 Selling HP Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure Solutions Delta, 646-096 CRMAM, 640-801 CCNA, HP0-D14 Architecting HP CloudSystem Solutions, HP2-E48 Selling Through Curiosity, 650-026 Cisco Digital Media System for Account Manager (CDMS1), 9A0-082 Adobe Flex 3 with AIR, 646-151 CSA, 640-811 ICND and 642-978 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist Qualifier. Bruce Blakeslee also creates the website of atcoftexas. Autism is a challenge that many parents and families must face as part of their daily routines. Bruce Blakeslee created this website: atcoftexas to help take away some of the stress of find great alternatives for therapy and occupational training. He has taken the time to include each facility with its own page and a complete breakdown of the services that each has to offer. Photography can be a powerful tool and Bruce Blakeslee has put it to good use throughout the website. He has included ways for persons to donate to the cause of Autism, either through the giving page or through the store. Visiting the About Us page will give anyone all the possible information they need about these services. Bruce Blakeslee has left no stone unturned while creating this wonderful site. Bruce Blakeslee even took the time to create a blog where people can share their challenges, victories, and just vent if they need to about the struggles of Autism. The page is also set up so that it can be followed through several social media sites.

1. About the webpage story.html: Bruce Blakeslee finds it rewarding to share success stories and found a great feel good story. He created the Story of Ethan page to share just such a feel good story. Ethan has flourished since attending the Autism Center program and continues to make further strides every day. Bruce Blakeslee has chosen to share Ethan’s story so that others may be inspired to follow in the same footsteps and gain the life deserved by everyone. Learn about the obstacles faced by Ethan and how the terrific program therapies helped him to overcome and triumph.


2. About the webpage clinic%20ftw.html: There is a new facility to the program and Bruce Blakeslee has made it a point to give them a great covering through the Fort Worth Program Page. This facility offers therapy in the areas of speech and occupational as well as the other life skills. While visiting the site you will find the areas in which speech and occupational therapy are followed and the need for each. The site also lets potential patients know what forms of payment are accepted. From here one can also download the initial patient packet and have it filled out in advance to save time during the initial visit.


3. About the webpage dallas.html: Bruce Blakeslee has done a great job representing another great autism center program through the Dallas Autism Program page. He has incorporated pictures of the residential areas, the educational services, the adult services, and the many therapies offered in the program. Through this program the adaptation of animals has become a large part of the therapy from horses to dogs. It is important that parents or families of Autism patients make informed decisions when it comes to placement in a therapy program and Bruce Blakeslee has made it easier through is link.


4. About the webpage understanding.html: Bruce Blakeslee built the Understanding Autism location so that everyone could have a better look at the true disease of Autism. This is a medical condition that many think they know about but, do not. Bruce Blakeslee took the time to cover not only the definition of the disease but to delve into the different diagnosis of the disease. He has also dedicated a section to the sheer understanding of the medical condition so that those looking from the outside may have a better understanding of the courageous patients.


5. About the webpage sanantonio.html: Autism is a subject that needs to be addressed in the most informative way and Bruce Blakeslee has found a way to do that; through the San Antonio Program page he has made it possible to give a solid overview of the program highlighting some of the most important aspects. Through the page Bruce Blakeslee touches on the residential services, educational services, adult services, diagnostics, and therapy. Within the site there are links to get further information on certain topics and a listing of FAQs for some others. There is also further contact information provide for questions that may not be answered within the site.


6. About the webpage leadership.html: Before making any decisions Bruce Blakeslee knows that it is important to know the people that you will be working with to better the quality of your loved ones life. He has take time to create the Leadership page that gives a bit of insight into each staff member of the program. You can gain some background on staff and learn how their contributions help the program as a whole. Bruce Blakeslee felt that better knowing the staff can help people to make a more informed decision.


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