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Bradley Snowball is a member of IACM (the International Association on Computational Mechanics). Snowball' research involves ColdFusion MX, Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration, Avaya Communication Server 1000, Avaya Contact Recording and Avaya Quality Monitoring Implementation and Maintenance and other Avaya technology. He has been awarded as the Selected Visiting Post Graduate Program Lecturer on 2007. Now, he is the director as our’s Avaya and Adobe certification exam prep program. Bradley Snowball loves the music very much. He is the big fan of the artist Louis Prima. Bradley Snowball and his friends Alex builded the Louis Prima’s official website. In the part time, he spends lots of time to maintain this website. Louis Prima is one of the musical giants since the days of the big swing bands and Dixieland jazz. The following are some works he does toward the website of Louis Prima..

Recent Publications

1. Bradley Snowball developed the old version of the bio page.

These songs picked up great momentum, with one smash after another, like, "Josephina," "Please No Squeeza Da Banana," "Bacciagaloop, Makes Love on the Stoop," "Felicia No Capicia," and on and on.


2. Bradley Snowball spends lots of time the check the content of the frontpage of the website Louis Prima

… created a small group that he named The Witnesses. Prima's shuffle beat, combined with New Orleans Jazz and the wailing sax sound of Sam Butera was a precursor of the Rock & Roll sound of the 1950's.


3. Bradley Snowball, Bob, Juliana and tina worked together to edit the discography page for Louis Prima

… Louis Prima was truly a Showman’s Showman. He was a pioneer of swing jazz, and has influenced many people in the entertainment field. Elvis Presley was admittedly one of them.


4. Bradley Snowball and Ron Cannatella who is the Louis Prima Archives Director worked together to edit the pdf file of Louis Prima sessiono-graphy / discography : 1933-1975

… The Hotcha Trio : Louis Prima (trumpet & vocal)
…. David Rose (piano), Norman Gast (violin)


5. Recently, Bradley Snowball worked by himself to create the new biography page for Louis Prima

…on a now million seller "plus" titled, "Angelina." It started the whole country talking about pizza, veal parmegiana, pasta fagiole, and antipasto. These words were never before used in American life unless you happened to be a descendant of Italy.

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