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Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Metasoft Systems are among the employers who hired Becky Hofmann to be part of their team before he started working at TestsForge, Inc. Becky Hofmann obtained his education at The Ohio State University. He has more than a decade of experience in software development, including his current position. Prior to his current job role, Becky Hofmann worked as a Software Engineer, SDET Lead, Software Design Engineer, and Senior Software Engineer. Along with development, Becky Hofmann's expertise includes test infrastructure, debugging, and testing. Becky Hofmann is working on the following certification exams now: HP0-Y21 ProCurve Core Competencies, HP0-D04 Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Solutions, E20-405 Content Management Server Programming, 132-S-100 Avaya Sales Certification Specialist, E20-011 Storage Networking Design and Management, HP0-M33 HP Operations Orchestration 9.x Software, HP0-M44 HP SiteScope 11.x Software, 650-621 Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Wireless (LCSAWLAN), 1Y0-456 Access Suite 4.0 Build/Test, 9E0-811 BBSM, 1Y0-800 Citrix EdgeSight 4.5: Administration, Performance Monitoring and Load Testing, HP0-302 HP Planning and Designing HP Superdome Server Solutions, HP0-239 Supporting the Modular Array(MA) Storage Family and 642-627 Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) v7.0. Becky Hofmann also creates the website of podjockey. In developing this online boutique for outstanding podcasts, Becky Hofmann has had great success with the final product. As the official podcasting platform of TALKERS, PodJockey™ draws avid talk radio and podcast fans to return to the site again and again to enjoy a constantly growing roster of talk show hosts and personalities delivering unique podcast programs that are not heard on terrestrial or satellite radio. Joining the rich menu of both popular and offbeat podcasts on PodJockey™ are also talk documentaries, special radio events hosted by TALKERS magazine and other talk media industry names, outtakes, oddities, exclusive “cutting room floor” material and much more. Offering the best in online “Radio with a screen,” PodJockey™ lets anyone listen to free podcasts directly from the Web using the PodJockey website, giving them a reason to come back often for new podcast material, from news and humor to literature and more.

1. Like many upstanding and well-reputed websites, PodJockey™ is committed to respecting and protecting the personal privacy of every visitor to its website. Becky Hofmann created the Privacy Policy page for the website to reflect the team’s integrity and values and to explain what the privacy policy covers, what information it collects and what measures are in place to protect visitor’s private information. Learn more about the PodJockey™ privacy policy at the webpage of privacy-policy.


2. For Lionel’s professional bio page, Becky Hofmann put together a dynamic “About” page so readers and podcasts listeners could learn more about him and his dynamic personality. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Lionel has decades of talk radio experience. Learn more about this outspoken celebrity of option at the webpae of lionelmedia/about.


3. Popular social and political commentator Lionel feels he can offer some brutal truths about a brutal mass murder. Becky Hofmann put it together for him on this podcast page about tackling and targeting gun violence at lionel-podcast-the-brutal-truth-about-a-brutal-mass-murder-listener-discretion-advised. What does gun control and gun tracking have to do with it? Find out here.


4. Paula Deen is a bit of a nightmare from a PR standpoint. But what is really behind the things she says? Becky Hofmann’s webpage of lionel-podcast-paula-deen-greek-tragedy-idiocy-incarnate-tip-of-the-iceberg reveals Lionel’s strong stance on Paula Deen, and why she may not be racist just because she has no filter on the shocking statements that have been known to come out of her mouth.


5. Many people are still wondering if, when, or why George Zimmerman will be acquitted. The answers can be found in Becky Hofmann’s webpage of lionel-podcast-heres-why-zimmerman-will-be-acquitted-step-by-step-analysis-and-keep-this-away-from-nancy-grace-and-her-pro-prosecution-hln-sockpuppets, where Lionel’s podcast offers an insightful step-by-step analysis of this case. Nancy Grace might not like the answers, but podcast listeners are in for a treat.


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