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Before obtaining his current position as a Software Developer for TestsForge, Alec Piccirilli's primary past computer software development experience was focused on the user experience. This included focusing on the following subjects to help target a company's software development projects: information architecture, heuristic analysis, and user research. After graduation from Shanghai University, Alec Piccirilli worked as a Senior User Experience Designer at Oracle, Software Engineer for Cisco Systems, and an Intern at SAP Labs. He currently focuses on the following certification exams: E20-570 Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Technology Architects, 1Y0-A13 A13 Implementing Citrix Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition, 220-301 CompTIA A+ Core Technologies, HP2-E45 Technical Introduction to the HP SMB Portfolio, HP0-D13 Technical Introduction to the HP Enterprise Portfolio, 1Y0-973 Citrix MetaFrame Password Manager 2.5: Administration, E20-670 EMC Centera Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers, 650-153 Cisco IronPort Security Associate - Email Security (ESFE), HP0-417 Storage Essentials Fundamentals 5.0, 650-298 TelePresence Video Sales Specialist for Advanced Plus (PATVSSAP), 642-053 RSSE/FE, 1Y0-992 MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Feature Release 3: Deployment and Support, 642-647 Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions, 650-378 Advanced Borderless Network Field Engineer (ABNFEE), 6203-1 Avaya Voice Portal Implementation. Alec Piccirilli is aloes created the website of segullah (Mormon women blogging about the peculiar and the treasured). Segullah is an online blog that serves as a forum for exploring ideas that encourage literary and artistic talent in a manner that results in a deeper understanding and faith among Latter Day Saint women. One of the chief reasons that Alec Piccirilli created this site is to promote though-provoking writings that examine the complexities of life and its relationship to the message of Jesus Christ. More specifically, this blog showcases a variety of women’s perspectives contained within the realm of shared values and beliefs. The staff at Segullah invites you to look around the site, peruse the featured writings and explore your possibilities of contributing to the site by submitting a piece of writing. We hope you will be blessed by what you find here.

1. About the webpage daily-special/thoughts-on-identity-fluid-and-fixed/: On Alec Piccirilli’s Daily Specials blog page, the guest writer offers a unique perspective on the subject of finding one’s personal identity. This personal retrospective reveals how our identities are influenced by the subject positions we latch on to during our development.


2. About the webpage daily-special/how-others-carry-their-universe/: In the Daily Special blog section, Alec Piccirilli provides a unique entry from a writer who examines the concept of carrying one’s own universe. From the author’s perspective, an individual’s writing style can reveal a lot about personal character.


3. About the webpage daily-special/going-home-2/: For nearly all of us, home holds a special place in our lives. At Alec Piccirilli’s Going Home page in the Daily Specials blog section, the writer provides a first hand account of a trip back to her home town and the significance of the memories triggered by the journey.


4. About the webpage daily-special/advice-from-a-broken-down-bedraggled-old-sheep-herder/: Advice From a Broken-Down, Bedraggled Old Sheep Herder is the catchy title of a blog post that Alec Piccirilli offers up in this section of the Daily Specials blog. The author uses a poem and a unique personal perspective to shed light on the importance of paying attention to wisdom from her grandparents.


5. About the webpage daily-special/one-line-a-day/: In the Daily Specials blog’s One Line a Day page, Alec Piccirilli posts an entry from a writer that explains how we can adhere to our goal of consistency in writing. Using the One Line a Day Memory Book as an example, she offers insight on how we can successfully record our memories through writing.


6. About the webpage daily-special/making-a-difference-being-remembered/: Deep down inside, most all of us want to make a difference in this world and in the lives of others. Alec Piccirilli’s Making a Difference page in the Daily Specials blog reveals the personal perspective of a writer who explains the importance of paying tribute to those who’ve made a difference in our lives and how we can also be a blessing to others.


7. About the webpage daily-special/exceptions-to-the-law-of-the-harvest/: Exceptions to the Law of the Harvest is the title of a blog entry that Alec Piccirilli has included in the Daily Specials section. This post presents the perspective of a writer who shares her experiences with a family fruit harvest using the Bible verse of Galatians 6:7 as the reference point. We also learn about how to appreciate exceptions to the typical harvest by allowing others to bless us when our fortunes don’t turn out the way we hope.


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