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EMC Data Domain Deduplication, Backup and Recovery

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Jul 3, 14


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Overview of E22-290 certification exam

Those that want to excel at the installation, the integration and accompanying administration of the EMC Data Domain Systems (Backup and Recovery) and become certified in the same would take the E22-290 EMC Data Domain Deduplication, Backup and Recovery Exam. This exam focuses specifically on the aforementioned installation and integration processes and the subsequent administration of the system. The exam is available in English only; it has 60 questions that need to be answered within 90 minutes. There is a practice test - E22-290 - that participants can take to gauge their readiness to take the actual exam. There are 4 recommended training courses available to exam participants. Three are eLearning mode courses - EMC Data Domain Technology and Systems Introduction, System Installation and Implementation with Application Software - and EMC Data Domain System Administration as an ILT, OILT and VILT course.

Some of the topics and items that people taking E22-290 might see and be asked to discuss are as follows. Participants are asked to compare and also contrast both tape archiving and disk replication. There are a few key differentiators involved in EMC's Data Domain deduplication technologies. Participants are asked about these and how they play a part in this process. They are also asked about the positioning of the Data Domain product. What is the specific installation procedure necessary? How is the system hardware to be set up in terms of the rails and racks? How are the cables and hardware connected together to connect to the external storage unit?

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