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Mainframe Business Continuity Remote Replication

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of E22-211 certification exam

Before being retired in March 2010, the E22-211 Mainframe Business Continuity Remote Replication exam was a qualifying exam for the EMC Proven Professional Mainframe Business Continuity track. Candidates who were able to successfully pass the E22-211 exam demonstrated their understanding of ResourcePak Base, SRDF software software suites, AutoSwap software suites, and general concepts relating to Symmetrix-based storage in z/OS environments. Specifically, the E22-211 exam tested a candidate's knowledge of Symmetrix DMX-2, SRDF Host Component for z/OS,TimeFinder / Mirror for z/OS, EMC Consistency Groups for z/OS, and EMC SRDF/Star.

Before taking the exam, candidates were encouraged to take advantage of the free practice exams offered by EMC. Although the exam has been retired, all Mainframe Business Continuity certifications will continue to remain valid.

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