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VNX Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of E20-880 certification exam

The E20-880: VNX Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects certification exam has a 120 minute (2 hour) time limit; in which there are 60 questions to be answered. The practice test for this exam is E20-885. The exam focuses primarily on the performance of VNX Unified with additional focus on integrating VNX with these other key technological components: Oracle, VMware, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Candidates who want to take training courses have 4 eLearning mode and 1 Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Online ILT(OILT) and Video ILT (VILT) courses to choose from. It is recommended to take all 5 training courses in preparation for the exam.

Some of the items that might be on the E20-880 exam deal directly with the following topics: VNX Unified Performance, VNX Unified Storage Integration with VMware vSphere Best Practices, with Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices, with Microsoft Exchange Best Practices and with Oracle Best Practices. What are the different definitions of VNX Unified performance? What is the performance impact that the following File features - Data De-duplication, Replicator and SnapSure? When using MirrorView, SAN Copy and SnapView what performance implications arise? What are the benefits of proper alignment of LUN? When an optimal response time of the SQL components is needed how would the fabric topology be designed?

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