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Network Attached Storage (NAS) Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of E20-860 certification exam

One of the qualifying exams for the EMC Implementation Engineer for Network Attached Storage Expert track is the E20-860 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers. The E20-860 exam contains approximately 65 questions and takes 90 minutes to complete. In order to be successful at the exam, candidates must possess the high level skills required for successfully implementing NAS solutions.

Examples of products that candidates must be familiar with during the E20-860 exam include CLARiiON CX3 and CX4, Manual Volume Manager 6.0, Automatic Volume Manager 6.0, NDMP, Celerra MPFS 6.0, Celerra Anti-Virus 6.0, Snap Sure 6.0, Celerra Replicator 6.0, and Unisphere 6.0.

Successfully passing the exam requires candidates to be able to use the Celerra benchmark data according to EMC guidelines and NAS performance metrics. This information must be used by the candidate to diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues.

Candidates must also be familiar with CLARiiON performance considerations and best practices for RAID levels and disk types. Exam participants will have their knowledge of network environment considerations tested, including connectivity technologies, such as Jumbo Packets, Ethernet Channel, Link Aggregation Control Protocol, and Flow control.

Workload considerations and EMC features will also be tested on the exam. Candidates may prepare for the E20-860 test through the use of EMC's free practice exams. Exam participants may also prepare through the use of ILT and Online ILT training courses offered by EMC.

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