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Storage Area Network (SAN) Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of E20-855 certification exam

Candidates taking the E20-855 Storage Area Network (SAN) Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers must be able to complete the exam in 120 minutes. There are approximately 66 questions on the E20-855 exam. Examples of technologies featured on the exam include B-Series routers, Open Replicator, M-Model fabrics, Symmetrix storage arrays, SDRF, and Storage Media Encryption.

Successfully passing the E20-855 exam requires candidates to demonstrate an understanding of SAN assessment and planning support. This knowledge should include the key trade-offs and best practices associated with implementing SAN designs. Exam participants must also prove that they understand the tools for gathering and analyzing SAN environmental data.

Candidates will also be tested on Fibre Channel SAN implementation. This portion of the exam requires candidates to be familiar with the key considerations that are required when implementing a heterogeneous fabric merge or migration, or when implementing a FC SAN for interoperability. This portion of the exam will also test a candidate's understanding of VSANs and Virtual Fabrics configuration.

A candidate's understanding of iSCSI SAN implementation is also required, including the key considerations for implementing Native and Bridged iSCSI SANS. Questions on this section of the exam may also require candidates to prove that they understand iSCSI discovery services.

Other sections on the exam will test a participant's knowledge of Fibre Channel over IP, FCOE solution implementation, SAN troubleshooting, and a candidate's ability to implement Connectrix encryption. An eLearning course, an ILT course, and free practice exams are available to help candidates prepare for the E20-855 test.

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