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VNX Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of E20-690 certification exam

Candidates may complete the E20-690 VNX Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers because it is a qualifying exam for professionals hoping to complete the EMC Platform Engineer, VNX Specialist track. Successfully completing the E20-690 exam requires candidates to correctly answer 60 questions. They will have 90 minutes to complete the test. Free practice exams and training courses are available to help candidates prepare for the test.

Examples of technologies that candidates must be knowledgeable about for the E20-690 exam include VNX Block, File, and Unified storage systems. Additionally, successful candidates will understand VNX Procedure Generator, VNX Gateway system, VNX Installation Assistant, VNX OE for File ver 7, and VNX OE for Block ver 31. Exam participants must be well-versed in VNX hardware concepts, including reasons for backup and recovery and the common backup terms. The cabling differences for block and file configurations will also be tested during the E20-690 exam.

Examples of resources, tools, and maintenance concepts that candidates should be familiar with include the identification of SP boot faults, the identification of blade server boot faults, and a general understanding of the system recovery process. Other concepts that will be included on the E20-690 exam include initialization of a VNX Block Storage System, cabling schemes for a VNX block configuration, configuration of a Standby Blade and Failover, and configuration of Control Station high availability. Candidates should be familiar with the VNX software upgrade process and VNX CRU/FRU replacements.

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