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Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of E20-661 certification exam

Each E20-661 Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers contains approximately 65 questions. Exam participants will be given a total of 90 minutes in order to pass the exam. If they are successful in passing the exam, they will have completed a qualifying test for the EMC Celerra Platform Engineer track.

EMC offers free practice exams to candidates taking the E20-661 exam. Though these practice exams are not required, EMC does believe that they will greatly increase a candidate's understanding of the concepts found on the E20-661 test. Ten eLearning courses are also available to help candidates prepare for the test. The Celerra NS Series Installation and Maintenance course is also available in either ILT or video-ILT format.

In order to pass the E20-661 exam, candidates must be prepared to answer questions on NS Series installation and maintenance. These questions will include concepts relating to CCA for Celerra engagements, NAS software and services, FRU replacement activities, and the key procedures common to Celerra installation.

Candidates must also be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of concepts relating to Unified QuickStart. These concepts include, but are not limited to, implementation using Provisioning Wizards, hardware installation, configuration using CSA, provisioning for FC-connected hosts, basic maintenance, storage provisioning, and product installation and configuration.

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When I saw the claim on this website, the guarantee that I would pass, I almost didn't believe it. I kept thinking though, with a guarantee what can you really lose? I took the practice tests over and over until everything really started to fall together in my mind. I am so glad I gave this website a shot. I took the EMC E20-661: Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers and passed with flying colors. I know there were questions on this exam that I wouldn't have gotten right if it wasn't for the help I found here on TestsForge. Thank you!

- From Maria T Cruz Murray

The Test Was Completely Different with this Kind of Help

I take tests in my career not only to help me advance, but to keep me feeling confident in the work that I do. I do not ever want to feel as if I am working in a career that I am less than the best at. This is why I am always trying to learn and improve upon what I know in my profession. I take tests like the EMC E20-661: Celerra Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers to make sure that I know what I think I know and I use TestsForge to study for the test so that I can hopefully learn something new in the process. I know there are other ways to get the knowledge I am looking for, but this is the best way I have found so far.

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