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Symmetrix Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

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Jul 2, 14


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Overview of E20-616 certification exam

One of the qualifying exams for the EMC Platform Engineer Symmetrix Specialist track is the E20-616 Symmetrix Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers. The exam contains 60 questions, and participants must be able to answer these questions within a 90 minute time frame. Throughout the exam, candidates must be able to answer questions concerning SymmWin.

Additionally, candidates will be tested on their understanding of Symmetrix hardware. Concepts relating to DMX-3, DMX-4, and VMAX will be included. Candidates will be required to answer questions concerning system bay and storage bay main components and configurations.

Participants will also be expected to understand Symmetrix installation and maintenance, including Symmetrix VMAX cabling, installation verification and troubleshooting, and vaulting concepts. Online FRU concepts for DMX-3, DMX-4, and VMAX will be included on the E20-616 exam.

Other concepts that may be featured on the exam include OpenSystem, special device, mainframe, SRDF, and jSeries/AS400 configuration. To prepare for the exam, candidates are encouraged to take advantage of the free practice exams offered by EMC. These practice exams are designed to help candidates become familiar with the concepts that will be included on the E20-616 exam. Four eLearning courses, one ILT course, one OILT course, and one video ILT course are available to help candidates review the concepts that will be included on the exam.

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