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Backup Recovery Solutions Exam for Technology Architects

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of E20-591 certification exam

IT technology architects who have worked with Data Protection Advisor, NetWorker, Data Domain, and Avamar should consider earning the Backup Recovery Solutions certification from EMC by taking the E20-591 exam. This exam, consisting of about 60 questions, will cover the architecture, components, and functions of these products, as well as their role in deploying backup and recovery solutions in an enterprise environment. The exam, available exclusively through EMC, is 90 minutes in length.

To prepare for this exam, candidates are suggested to enroll in the EMC Backup and Recovery Technologies training course. It is designed as a video instructor-led training course that will comprehensively cover knowledge pertaining to the EMC products used in positioning backup and recovery solutions. Participants can also prepare for this exam by taking the practice test that is offered free by EMC.

Participants will have a better chance of scoring high on this exam if they familiarize themselves with the exam content. Having a solid understanding of each product is beneficial. Participants should be familiar with the architecture, features, benefits, and options of the Avamar, NetWorker, Data Domain, and Data Protection Advisor products, as well as positioning procedures, useable aspects, and key scenarios in which each will be used. The final section of this exam will discuss scenarios in which cross-product uses will occur.

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