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Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Technology Architects

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of E20-570 certification exam

The E20-570 CAS Specialist exam for Technology Architects is a great option for IT professionals who have experience working with Centera and related products in the deployment of a CAS solution. It is the required exam for the specialist certification in EMC's Proven Professional Technology Architect Content Addresses Storage (CAS) certification pathway. All candidates will receive 90 minutes to answer the roughly 60 multiple choice questions that will be presented on this exam.

Participants should be familiar and have experience with Centera V4.1, Centera Console V2.3, and Centera Universal Access V4.0, as the exam questions will relate to the application of these products in different environments. To prepare for this exam, EMC recommends taking the free practice test, which can help you to determine your overall level of preparedness for the exam. eLearning training courses (including Basic Network Environment, Centera Architectural Overview, and Centera Universal Access) are also available.

The E20-570 exam is divided into four key sections:

1. CAS and Basic Network Environment Concepts - Participants will be asked to explain fixed content data, differentiate between CAS/SAN/NAS, and identify the protocols of certain ARPA layers.

2. Centera Architecture and Tools - Centera nodes, cluster racks, internal connectivity, and power distribution, as well as the CLI, Viewer, Verify, and Console tools, will be tested.

3. Centera Operations - The following operations will be covered: API, compliance, naming schemes, advanced retention management, and replication and restore.

4. Centera Universal Access - Participants should be able to install this technology and describe its components and functions.

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