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Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of E20-370 certification exam

The E20-370 exam is also referred to as the Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers. For candidates who will be following this specialist track, it is a required exam.

The primary focus of this exam is testing the knowledge of candidates when it comes to products in the CAS family and which implementation tasks are required for integrating Centerainto an open systems, heterogeneous environment. Specific subjects that are likely to appear on the exam include overviews of products, their features, the operation theories behind each, and how they function. Candidates must also have an intimate knowledge of which tools are requires for the integration, configuration, and management of these products within CAS solutions.

The test consists of approximately 60 questions, which candidates are allotted 90 minutes to finish. Examples of products that are likely to appear on the exam include Centera Universal Access V4.0, Centera Console V2.3, and Centera V4.1. However, other products may appear on the exam as well.

In order to adequately prepare for the test, candidates are strongly encouraged to enroll in three different training courses: CAS Management, Centera Architectural Overview, and Centera Universal Access. Practices are also provided for candidates to use.

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Amazed at How Similar the Exam Experience Was to TestsForge

I was feeling pretty confident when I went in to take my EMC E20-370: Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers, because I had spent two months preparing for the exam using TestsForge. The preparation was definitely worth it, because I ended up scoring a 92% on the exam. But what really surprised me was how similar the exam questions felt to the ones that I was given during my practice sessions with TestsForge. There was nothing on the exam that felt unfamiliar to me and I owe my level of preparedness to the thorough job that TestsForge did with their products.

- From Marco Santi

Much easier than I expected

It seems intimidating to get a new certification when you're at the end of your career life, but my boss told me it was a new requirement for my job -- to stay competitive with all of the new faces coming fresh out of college. I'm not going to lie: I was a bit anxious. I signed up for the EMC E20-370: Content Addressed Storage (CAS) Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers offered through TestsForge and immediately felt so relieved. The whole system was very easy to follow. It really walked me through the process and more than prepared me for the big test. I am getting ready to take my certification test and just wanted to share my gratitude and satisfaction with other people who might be considering giving TestsForge a try.

- From Laura Lostracco

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