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Jul 6, 14


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Overview of E20-322 certification exam

As apparent as it is that certification in the Technology Architect Specialist area is more than desired- more like absolutely necessary for so many people - it is also apparent that the training and certification needed. This is where the E20-322 Technology Architect Solutions Design Exam comes into play. The training courses and materials and the accompanying certification exam are not for those that do not want to pursue this particular portion of the IT field. Knowledge about Storage Area Networks (SANs), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Management and Content Addressed Storage (CAS) is part of this particular certification. There are 14 different e-Learning courses available to exam participants that are useful in preparing for the exam. There is also the Solutions Design Workshop ILT mode course available.

Participants that are taking E20-322 need to be thoroughly prepared to be able to explore the specific items and parameters that a client/customer has and then be able to design the specific storage solution(s) that are going to meet those needs completely. The focus of this exam is going to be upon how well the examinee knows their stuff about putting together a storage solution that takes into account the priorities and requirements that each individual customer has regarding the aforementioned storage system. Listening to the customer's needs and requirements is right at the top of the list. Focus upon which technology design practice best suits the scenario and which information-gathering tools to use is part of this exam.

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