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Information Availability Design and Management

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of E20-012 certification exam

The E20-012 Information Availability Design and Management exam is the qualifying exam for the EMC Storage Technologist Specialist certification track. It consists of about 60 questions that will test key concepts relating to information availability and design and management considerations. Participants will receive 90 minutes to complete this exam, which is available only in English.

EMC offers a training course that is specific only to this exam. The Information Availability Design and Management instructor-led training course is recommended to take as a way to learn and review important concepts that will be on the exam and used in an associated job role once certification is earned. A practice test is also available to take through ECM.

For this exam, candidates should be able to establish information availability using key components of an information availability framework. Candidates should also be able to design, implement, and manage backup and recovery solutions, replication solutions, and data archive solutions.

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