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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of CAS-001 certification exam

The CAS-001 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) exam is a vendor-neutral 150 minute test with a maximum of 80 multiple choice questions created to test advanced-level security skills. It is designed for IT administrators and security professionals who have at least 10 years of experience in IT administration, with at least 5 years of hands-on security experience in an enterprise environment. This exam is a pass/fail only exam, and is available in English at CompTIA testing centers.

Individuals with strong competency in enterprise security, risk management, and fundamental computing and business concepts will do well on this exam. These concepts will be applied to designing and building an efficient security solution across a business environment. Although there is no pre-requisite, participants can gain a solid understanding of exam concepts by purchasing the courseware and preparation kit for this exam at the CompTIA marketplace. In addition, candidates are recommended to first earn the Security+ exam from CompTIA, as the CASP exam is intended to follow it.

Four main topics will be covered on this exam: Enterprise Security, Risk Management, Computing/Communications/Business Discipline Integration, and Research/Analysis. Participants should be familiar with different types of virtualized, shared, and distributed computing, and should be able to integrate infrastructures, applications, networks, storage, and hosts into secure solutions. The ability to execute and implement risk mitigation strategies and security and privacy policies is required, while being able to integrate enterprise disciplines into solutions is necessary. The final section will focus on the analysis of industry trends.

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