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Overview of 9E0-581 certification exam

Professionals who wish to obtain a Partner Wireless LAN Specialization must successfully pass the 9E0-581: Wireless LAN for Field Engineers exam. The 9E0-581 test must be completed in English, and participants will be given 75 minutes to complete the test. Between 50 to 60 questions will be included on the exam.

Concepts relating to radio frequency fundamentals are included on the 9E0-581 exam. To successfully demonstrate an understanding of this area, candidates must be able to identify cable loss factors, define EIRP, and understand the uses of decibel units. A full understanding of antennas is also expected, including antenna operation, deployment, and categories.

Additional subjects that may be included on the 9E0-581 test include RF technologies, Cisco Aironet Access Points, topologies, wireless bridge set up, and advanced configuration tools. The Aironet Wireless LAN Fundamentals (AWLF) and Aironet Wireless LAN Fundamentals & Cisco Aironet Wireless Site Survey (AWFSS) training courses are recommended to help candidates prepare for the test.

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