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Overview of 9E0-570 certification exam

The Cisco Secure VPN course (CSVPN 3.0) was recommended for any professional who wished to attempt the the 9E0-570 Cisco Secure VPN exam (CSVPN 9E0-570). The exam was retired in February 2003. Candidates took the exam in order to achieve the Cisco Security Specialist 1, CCIP, and CCSP certifications. Each exam was one hour in duration and contained between 60 to 70 questions.

Questions on the 9E0-570 exam covered VPN and IPSec technologies, including the component technologies of IPSec, Cisco Secure VPN products, and open standards. The test also required candidates to understand VPN3000 Concentrator Series hardware, the Cisco Secure VPN Client, and Cisco IOS IPSec Certificate Authority.

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The ultimate test guide for Cisco 9E0-570 questions and answers

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- From Michael Wooller

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I have gone through other testing products for the Cisco 9E0-570: CSVPN test with very negative results. In desperation, I turned to the TestsForge Cisco 9E0-570 testing materials. I got better results with this testing package than 4 other packages I was using! I also passed the test the second time with a GPA of 98. The first one I failed miserably because I was so ill prepared. With this testing package, I got more information that was up to date and with the interactive part, I did better on my concepts. Thanks so much TestsForge. I give you a high five for greatness, reliability and having a much better training system than other training packages available!

- From Michael Cannon

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