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Overview of 9E0-541 certification exam

The 9E0-541 Routing and Switching exam has been retired. Previously, the 9E0-541 exam was one of the requirements that candidates needed to fulfill in order to obtain the Cisco Channel Partner Routing & Switching Specialization. Each 9E0-541 exam could contain between 60 to 70 questions and required 75 minutes to complete.

Questions pertaining to multilayer switching and VLAN Operations were included on the 9E0-541 exam. These questions required candidates to prove that they understood configuration concepts for a VLAN, broadcast domain integrity, and verification of flow entries in the MLS cache. Candidates were also tested on their understanding of trunking, control of network access with PAP and CHAP, and management of network performance. Concepts relating to LAN enabling technologies, market, and products were also tested on the exam.

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