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Adobe Flash CS5

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of 9A0-148 certification exam

Exam participants must earn a score of at least 70% on the 9A0-148: Adobe Flash CS5 exam in order to pass the test. Candidates will be given 49 questions during the test and 35% of these questions will focus on creating Flash interactive and visual output. Participants are expected to be able to prove that they understand aspects relating to using the Timeline, using the Motion Editor, creating Motion Presets, applying filters to Movie Clips and text, and adding queue points to the FLV playback component on the stage for synchronized content. Additionally, participants will be tested on their knowledge of advanced text controls, such as stroke control, styling, and anti-aliasing.

Candidates should expect that 18% of the exam will be devoted to testing their knowledge of creating and managing assets. Library panel options, Transform, 3D Rotation, Bone, and Text Layout Framework will be tested during this section of the exam. This section of the exam also requires candidates to be able to understand how to import external assets into Flash, including Photoshop files, images, Illustrator files, XFG, and XFL.

Planning and designing Flash applications will take up 16% of the exam, as will programming with ActionScript 3.0. The remaining questions on the exam will test a candidate's knowledge of testing, publishing, and deploying Flash applications.

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