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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

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Jul 3, 14


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Overview of 9A0-146 certification exam

There are 49 questions on the 9A0-146: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 exam. Exam participants are required to earn a score of at least 72% in order to pass the exam. The score that an exam participant earns on the exam is displayed to the participant after they complete the exam. Certificates are sent through email, which means that candidates should be sure to provide Adobe with an accurate and up to date email address.

The three largest portions of the exam each count for 16% of the test. These sections cover managing sites, working in Design view, and working with dynamic content. Specific concepts covered on these portions of the exam include using the Site menu bar, positioning objects, using the Files panel, and understanding the methods that are available for connecting to a remote server, such as ftp, WebDAV, and local server. Candidates should also have knowledge concerning remote servers, Table borders, CSS layout box model, AP element outlines, Properties inspector, Live View, Live Code, and the Server Behaviors panel.

Additionally, candidates are expected to have a thorough knowledge of Web technologies. To demonstrate this knowledge, candidates should be prepared to answer questions on mitigating page weight, supporting videos, the requirements for the SWF format, and the concepts related to techniques for making pages accessible. Passing the exam will also require candidates to be able to work in Code view, work with assets, design pages with CSS, and test Web pages and sites.

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TestsForge was a Light in my Darkness

After I failed the Adobe 9A0-146: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 exam twice, I was in dark despair over my ability to pass it at all. I began to doubt my professional abilities, my knowledge, my ability to learn, and everything that made me a good employee. A friend surprised me with an TestsForge study guide that she had bought for me. At first, I wasn't sure I'd bother. Then, after a few days, I realized the only way to get out of the darkness of my depression was to pass this exam. TestsForge' study guides shown like a light in my darkness and guided me toward success on this difficult exam. I'm certified now and it's all thanks to them.

- From Roudolphe Douceur

No regrets...

When I told my parents that I was forgoing the traditional college experience for online studies to be certified for my Adobe 9A0-146: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, let's just say the news was met with more than a little skepticism. I signed up for your course, got busy and was certified in no time. Passed the test without incident and have never looked back. I'm super happy with my job and I've made my parents proud of me as an added bonus. Like I said, no regrets.

- From Glen Bennett

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