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Adobe ColdFusion 8

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of 9A0-066 certification exam

The 9A0-066: Adobe ColdFusion 8 exam contains 64 questions. In order to pass the exam, candidates must earn a score of no lower than 66%.

During the 9A0-066 exam, candidates will be tested on their knowledge of programming fundamentals. To prove that they have this required skill, candidates must be able to control the flow of a program through the use of conditionals and boolean expressions. Candidates must also be able to manage program iteration through the use of tags and be able to create a user-defined function through the use of tags.

The 9A0-066 exam also requires candidates to be able to work with the Application framework. The candidate's understanding of this skill will be tested through questions concerning application scope variables and Application variables.

Candidates must also be able to prove that they can interact with databases through their knowledge of conditional clauses, variables, wildcards, and Query of Queries. The candidate's knowledge of working with XML will be tested through questions pertaining to XML data, XML document, and XML object. A candidate's knowledge of reusing code will be tested, including questions on ColdFusion Components and ColdFusion Components methods. Additional concepts on the exam include handling exceptions, managing client state, interaction with remote systems, managing files, tuning application performance, and delivering and presenting information.

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My husband and I got married a month before he planned on taking his Adobe 9A0-066: Adobe ColdFusion 8 exam. When we got back from our honeymoon, he didn't have much time left to study. In a panic, he started searching the internet for something that would help him get prepared in as short an amount of time as possible. Luckily, he found TestsForge. It was a huge relief to me because I felt guilty for talking him into a longer honeymoon when he should have been studying. Your system helped him pass with a high score and now he's got a great job. It felt good to see him so happy and now life is just perfect! Thank you, TestsForge!

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