(Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the AM (PACSCERAM)) and 1800+ Exams Preparation Program

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Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the AM (PACSCERAM)

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Jul 1, 14


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Overview of 650-302 certification exam

The 650-302 PASCERAM (Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the AM) exam is a 45 minute exam with 30-40 questions. It is available only in English and must be taken at a Pearson VUE testing center. The exam is designed for engineers who works on solutions and design of collaboration architecture. The 650-302 PASCERAM exam will require candidates be able to understand the following topics: benefit of Cisco WebEx Connect and Cisco WebEx web collaboration, Cisco Collaboration Architecture, the benefit of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, characteristic of the Cisco flexible deployment model and Cisco SaaS Collaboration Solutions. You can find more resources on the website of Cisco.

Latest Customer Reviews

I Passed the Test with the Great Help I Received

Passing tests has never been a problem for me, because I always make sure that I am getting the best help from the best people. The problem is that when I needed to take the Cisco 650-302: Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the AM (PACSCERAM), I did not know who to turn to for help. Everyone I work with is a client. I started scouring the internet for help and I found an overwhelming number of people directing me to TestsForge. I decided to try out the study guide they made available. I now have the help I need to pass the test and I will pass it without a problem. The program is so easy to use that I will certainly use it again soon.

- From Kimberlie Xavier

Perfect Score

I used your materials for my Cisco 650-302: Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the AM (PACSCERAM) exam. I knew most of the materials but still wanted to feel more confident about answering the test questions. A friend of mine told me how you used real test questions in your materials. That appealed to me since I thought it was the best way for me to really learn. I got the materials and dug right in. I started seeing new aspects never seen before. I felt great. I kept taking the example exams until I scored a perfect score. Then I knew I was ready to take the exam. I took the exam with 100% confidence. I felt great after the exam too. When I got my exam results I wasn't shocked to find out I scored 100% on it. Thanks for helping me score the perfect score!

- From Frank Taylor

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