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TelePresence Video Sales Specialist for Advanced Plus (PATVSSAP)

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of 650-298 certification exam

The TelePresence Video Sales Specialist for Advanced Plus (650-298) exam validates the knowledge and skills of IT professionals working in multiple specialties in the sales arena. Applicable for account managers, project managers, and systems engineers, among others, the 650-298 exam provides skill set and knowledge base verification for the TelePresence platform and additionally validates expertise in TelePresence ATP.

Forty-five minutes are allotted for the 650-298 exam and the test features between 35 and 40 questions. This is a supplemental certification exam that allows candidates to distinguish themselves as subject matter experts. The credential earned through certification compliments those achieved through successful completion of other Cisco advanced-level TelePresence and TelePresence ATP exams.

The 650-298 is currently only offered in English, with Pearson VUE proctoring the exam. Online and in-person testing options are available though.

The 650-298 exam features two primary question categories: TelePresence benefits and features and Deployment planning, including: design, configuration and support.

Other topics appearing on the 650-298 exam typically include, but are not limited to: QuickStart, Collaboration Architecture QuickStart, Infrastructure and Inoperability and Endpoints.

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