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Cisco UCS: C-Series Servers for Account Managers (UCSCAM)

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Jul 5, 14


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Overview of 650-281 certification exam

Before completing the 650-281 Cisco UCS: C-Series Servers for Account Managers (UCSCAM) exam, candidates are encouraged to complete the authorized Cisco training course, Cisco Unified Computing System: C-series Servers for Account Managers (UCSCAMv1.0). Also, candidates may wish to review the material found on the 650-281 exam by purchasing Cisco Press titles through the Cisco Marketplace Bookstore. Exam participants may use the training resources provided by the Partner Education Connection (PEC) if they are Cisco Partners.

The 650-281 exam is associated with the Cisco UCS: C-series Sales Specialist certification. Candidates must complete the exam in English. They will be given 20 questions, which they will be required to complete within 30 minutes. Candidates must also register for the exam through Pearson VUE.

During the exam, candidates will be tested on their ability to examine Unified Computing Systems architecture and the related products, solutions, and strategies. Candidates will also be tested on their ability to effectively sell Unified Computing Systems. The 650-281 test is designed to examine a candidate's understanding of Cisco rack mount servers and virtualization solutions. To demonstrate an acceptable level of expertise, candidates will be examined on their knowledge of C-series products, C-series components, key product features, key product benefits, and product positioning.

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