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Cisco Unity Connection for Business Edition (CUCBE)

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of 650-261 certification exam

Designed specifically to test the knowledge and expertise of level two engineers, the SBF for Account Managers exam (650-261 CUCBE) is among the standard curriculum of the Cisco Authorized Business Edition Reseller Program. It allows the successful candidate to demonstrate expertise in the installation, configuration, and provisioning of Cisco Unified Communication Manager Business Edition, thereby credentialing him/herself as a trusted member of the Reseller Program.

Candidates are allotted 60 minutes to complete the 650-261 exam, which usually contains between 45 and 55 questions.

If employed with a Cisco Training Partner, the candidate has access to a variety of pertinent learning materials in the Partner Education Connection (PEC). Though there are no specific learning modules Cisco recommends for successfully completing the 650-261 exam, participation in formal training and review of PEC materials is helpful.

As an advanced engineer certification, the 650-261 typically presents questions in four to five primary subject areas, including: Options and components, Targeted solutions for customer requirements, Configuration and implementation and Supporting operational functions.

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Passed the Cisco 650-261 Exam With the Help of TestsForge

I had already attempted the Cisco 650-261: Cisco Unity Connection for Business Edition (CUCBE) exam once and I had failed it miserably. I was very upset about this, because I desperately wanted to earn my certification so that I could become a qualified professional. With the help of TestsForge, the skills that were tested on the Cisco 650-261 exam suddenly became much clearer. When I attempted the exam a second time, I was able to pass the exam with flying colors! I am so grateful for the assistance of this exam guide for helping me to achieve my goal of becoming a certified professional.

- From Chantia Lozoya

Aced the Test!

I was dreading taking my exam and to be honest, I wasn't sure if I could pass! But thanks to I am happy to say I totally aced the Cisco 650-261: Cisco Unity Connection for Business Edition (CUCBE) test and certification was a cinch! To be honest, the books I studied really had nothing for me when compared to the test guide. It just made everything so simple and to the point. I understand the whole process better now thanks to the simplicity and directness of the guide. Really puts things in perspective, you know. Thanks to your help, I have passed and am working in the career I want. Awesome!

- From Tramarqus Brown

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