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Cisco IronPort Security Instructor - Email Security (ISIES)

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of 650-157 certification exam

The 650-157 ISIES Cisco IronPort Security Instructor — Email Security exam is a 60 minute exam with approximately 50-60 multiple choice questions. It is necessary to pass this exam in order to obtain the IronPort Email Security certification from Cisco and become certified as a Security Instructor in this topic. It will examine your ability to successfully guide and maintain a course that teaches students to design and implement solutions for diagnosing email compliance and security requirements of a medium to large network enterprise.

Upon taking this exam you will be able to provide a productive and effective course, which includes delivering email security courseware, regulating lab work, and teaching students about possible solutions that are not found in the course material. Although no training courses are provided by Cisco for this particular test, it is a good idea to increase your expertise of email security concepts by taking courses or using study materials that are designated for those specific exams. The 650-157 exam is available only in English. No previous experience is required, although experience in this field, with this topic, is strongly encouraged.

Monitoring, networking, and system administration will be among the topics covered. Participants will learn solutions for incoming and outgoing email policies and become familiar with security services that are commonly used. Troubleshooting and support options, command line prompts, and training lab administration will also be covered. Several questions will deal with instructional methods and best practices for conveying classroom and lab material.

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