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Connected Grid (Engineer) Knowledge Verification (CGE)

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of 650-127 certification exam

Cisco is offering the 650-127 CGE exam for candidates who are ready to complete the Authorized Connected Grid Engineer Knowledge Verification process. Prospects will be required to successfully complete this 60-minute exam that is specially crafted to test one’s understanding of the design, features, function, and deployment planning procedures of the Cisco Connected Grid technology solution. The thrust of the 650-127 exam will be centered on the features and benefits of Cisco’s 2010 Connected Grid Router and the 2500 Series Connected Grid Switch.

Examinees will be presented with 55-60 questions that include items related to Cisco Connected Grid Go-to-Market and Product Positioning, selling methods, Connected Grid Solutions, ordering and support, and product overviews of the 2010 CGR and 2500 CGS. Other related topics may also appear on any specific test delivery, therefore candidates are encouraged to prepare accordingly.

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