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Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of 648-385 certification exam

Completing the 648-385 Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers exam requires candidates to answer at least 50 questions in either English or Japanese. Candidates will be given an hour to complete the test. Candidates may review the material found on the exam by purchasing Cisco Press titles through the Cisco Marketplace Bookstore. Exam participants who are also Cisco Partners may obtain additional training resources through the Partner Education Connection (PEC).

Primarily, the 648-385 exam is designed to test the abilities of Cisco Channel Partner Field Engineers. Candidates taking the 648-385 exam are expected to have expertise in assessing a customer's wireless, securing, routing, and switching requirements. Candidates are also expected to be able to use this assessment skill to provide the technical descriptions of solutions and point out specific advantages associated with Cisco solutions.

During the exam, candidates will be tested on their knowledge of using an architectural approach with customers, and their ability to position Cisco core product portfolio with the customer. Candidates will also be tested on their knowledge of the Cisco network services offering and the key ways in which it helps to drive customer business benefits. Specific questions on this portion of the exam will test a candidate's knowledge of the Cisco Borderless Network services, Cisco SecureX, and Cisco Prime. The challenges and opportunities presented by commercial customers will also be tested on the exam.

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