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Overview of 646-471 certification exam

By passing the The 646-471 Content Networking Specialization exam, professionals were able to validate their capabilities in identifying and positioning Cisco Content Networking solutions to their customers. It was targeted specifically for Account Managers. Between 35 to 45 questions were featured on the exam, which took 120 minutes to complete. The exam has been retired.

Aspects of positioning the Content Networking solutions that candidates needed to be familiar with during the 646-471 exam included the meaning of content networking and the difference between data center content networking and edge delivery. Candidates were also required to prove their ability to identify the needs of a business and how a customer could benefit by using the Cisco ACNS solution. SSL technology, Layer 4-7 technology, Cisco 1105 HSE technology, and Cisco IP/TV technology were topics that candidates were tested on during the exam.

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