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Overview of 646-391 certification exam

Each 646-391 Cisco Lifecycle Services Express exam took 60 minutes to complete. During the exam, candidates were expected to complete 50 to 60 questions in English. Participants were able to register for their exams through either Prometric or Pearson VUE. The exam was retired in May 2007. During the course of the exam, candidates were tested on their knowledge of the Cisco Lifecycle Services. Candidates were required to prove that they understood the company's approach to selling, deploying, and supporting Cisco technologies.

Specifically, exam participants were required to prove that they could describe the service components included in the Prepare phase of the network life cycle, including the associated activities. Exam participants were also required to demonstrate that they could identify the benefits of delivering services to customers in the Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, and Operate phases. Each of these phases has specific service components and related service components, and candidates were required to demonstrate their understanding of these concepts in order to pass the 646-391 test.

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