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Overview of 646-151 certification exam

Account managers whose job it is to focus on small and medium-sized businesses were recommended to take exam 646-151, the Cisco Sales Associate exam. In sixty minutes, candidates were required to answer between 45 and 55 multiple-choice questions. The first section required test takers to explore the benefits of Cisco IOS products, including those that best met customer needs as well as the general strength of Cisco solutions. The second section required the identification of a Campus LAN as well as the differences between a hub and a switch, the functionality of a router, a multilayer switch, and five series of Cisco routers that could connect a LAN to a WAN. Additional sections dealt with the components of Wireless LAN, network security and virtual private networks, managing networks and customer service and support. Managers should, after passing the test, have been able to describe the benefits of Cisco products and support to their customers, including hardware replacement and warranty support.

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