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Overview of 646-102 certification exam

Any individual seeking to achieve certification as a Cisco Channel Partner Wireless Specialist was required to pass exam 646-102, Wireless LAN for Account Managers. Test takers had 45 minutes to answer between 35 and 45 questions. The test itself was broken down in to four sections. The first of these sections covered Position Wireless LAN and Building-to-Building Wireless products, and asked candidates to explain what a Cisco LAN solution is and how it helps a business to communicate. It also asked candidates to explain what Wireless Bridges and Building-to-Building antennas are and what they do. The second section required explanation of how Cisco Wireless LANs could help a variety of businesses, including education, retail, healthcare, and hospitality business. The third section required the candidate to describe fundamental WLAN uses, including wireless bridge operation and the advantages of Cisco products. The final section asked how various Cisco products provide better security, how to configure a Wireless LAN for better security, and how they can help a business communicate securely.

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