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Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies using IOS XR

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Jul 6, 14


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Overview of 644-906 certification exam

The Cisco IOS XR Specialist certification is associated with the 644-906 Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies using IOS XR exam. Candidates must be able to pass up to 75 questions on the 90 minute exam. In order to improve their chances of passing the 644-906 exam, candidates are encouraged to complete the Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR (IMTXR) training course prior to attempting the test. Candidates should expect to have their knowledge tested of implementing and maintaining Cisco core and edge technologies through the use of Cisco IOS XR based router platforms. These platforms include the CRS, XR12000, and ASR 9000.

Additionally, candidates should have a thorough knowledge of concepts relating to the following job tasks: power, environmental, physical architecture, and inventory. Knowledge associated with firmware, installation, licensing, packages, and configuration planes will also be included on the 644-906 exam. Candidates are expected to have a familiarity with the concepts relating to LPTS, memory, support, EEM, configuration of OSPF to support traffic Engineering Extensions, verification of OSPF, and configuration of ISIS.

Also, candidates should be able to implement all of the following on Cisco IOS-XR: SNMP, logging services, SSH Access, Telnet Access, XML Management, NTP, SDRs, and EEM. Other concepts included on the 644-906 exam may include Access Control Lists, Quality of Service, IP multicast, netflow, and general forwarding.

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