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Unified Computing Troubleshoot

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of 642-995 certification exam

Completion of the 642-995 Unified Computing Troubleshoot exam requires candidates to answer between 45 to 55 questions. Candidates will be given 75 minutes to complete this task. Before taking the exam, candidates are encouraged by Cisco to use the Cisco Press titles that are available from the Cisco Marketplace Bookstore in order to review the subjects covered on the exam. Qualified exam candidates include Cisco UCS Partner support-level engineers and Cisco customers who are responsible for advanced UCS troubleshooting. The two main tasks that the 642-995 exam will measure are a candidate's ability to recognize and resolve UCS system failures and the ability to identify the tools and procedures used to resolve Nexus 1000V operational failures.

A portion of the 642-995 exam will be devoted to testing a candidate's knowledge of concepts associatedd with troubleshooting UCS architecture and system internals. To satisfactorily answer these questions, candidates must be able to extract diagnostic data, identify issues using FSM, troubleshoot boot issues, and understand aspects relating to CLI/GUI defective hardware.

Candidates will also be tested on their knowledge of UCS installation, startup, and configuration. Issues relating to power policies, power consumption, and power availability will be tested on this portion of the exam. Additionally, candidates will need to be able to answer questions on configuring and capturing SPAN traces, troubleshooting fiber channel services, troubleshooting L2 issues, troubleshooting link-level issues, and troubleshooting jumbo frames. Additional question on the exam may cover UCS compute troubleshooting and UCS C-Series Standalone troubleshooting.

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