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Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols

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Jul 7, 14


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Overview of 642-775 certification exam

One thing is for certain when speaking about gateway protocols and routing protocols; and that is that you are talking about something that not everyone does or is going to understand. Also of note on this topic is the fact that not everybody even wants to understand this particular subject! However, if you are a person that goes all in for everything IT related and has the capacity to understand the difference between Internal Gateway Protocols (IGP) and External Gateway Protocols (EGP) then you are in the right place. Understanding the differences, describing and configuring everything IGP and dealing with the specific terminology and related technology is just part of taking the 642-775 Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols exam.

As was mentioned in the previous section there are two differing gateways protocols: internal and external. Understanding the fundamental differences is part of the foundation for this field; however it is only the starting point in this arena. Exam participants need to be able to accurately describe eight different things that are all IGP related and have everything to do with how an IGP works as it is meant to. A good bit of this exam - 642-775 - deals with testing the participant's knowledge of the fundamentals of the technology involved in these gateway protocols. Something of note is that it is the IGP that is focused on more than the EGP.

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Even once you have a certification, there still is the need to get recertified in an allotted time. That is just how the certs work, it is a requirement to take another test before the cert expires. Overtime, you tend to forget what is needed to answer to questions correctly. This is exactly what happened to me. I had to take the Cisco 642-775: Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols but found during studying I had forgotten some of the information. I also realized I needed to find a way to study the required information. I used your site to pass the original exam so I returned to get the study materials for my recertification. Just like the first time, I was able to get test questions and answers so I was better prepared. Thanks for the help, once again!

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