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Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks (IUWVN)

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Jul 9, 14


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Overview of 642-742 certification exam

Another part of the entire picture that is wireless networks has to do with wireless voice communication networks. There are many protocols and definitions and integrations that need to be taken into account and properly performed for that wireless voice network to function as it is designed to. This is what the 642-742 Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks certification exam covers. It is the participant's abilities pertaining to integration of VoWLAN services within and into the existing WLAN and implementation of high-bandwidth application, MPLS and QoS into a pre-existing wireless network that is focused upon. Proving that they know what they are doing in these areas leads to certification.

Among the topics covered deals first and foremost with the specifics of designing/description of the architecture of the voice over wireless network.

1. What components and standards apply when describing and designing this type of network?

2. What are the specified requirements for what particular speed and what does the client require of this network?

3. How is the VoWLAN configured, implemented and what troubleshooting requirements are there?

4. What is involved in the implementation of QoS for these wireless applications?

5. What is involved in the implementation of multicast over a wireless network? What implications are involved in 802.11; what specific configuration works best and how is troubleshooting done in this area?

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