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Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security (IAUWS)

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Jul 10, 14


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Overview of 642-737 certification exam

When it comes to the security of a client's wireless network there are things that are an absolute must to know and be able to do. There are also things that are unnecessary when it comes to the installation and activation of a client's wireless network. The ability to perform the necessary and leave out that which is unneeded is tested in this certification exam 642-737 Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security. Protecting a client's wireless network from any and all possible security threats - internal and external alike - via the choices of the best components and practices and security policy implementation is addressed in the exam.

Participants will be asked about the configuration procedures regarding the Extensible Authentication Protocol - known also as EAP - and are also asked to accurately describe the authentication process involved in EAP. Being able to accurately configure the client for the secure authentication of EAP and also properly configure an AnyConnect client is part of this exam. Troubleshooting procedures regarding authentication issues for that wireless network and identification of all client security risks is important and covered as well. Does the participant really know how to properly design and then integrate that wireless network using NAC? What specifically is involved in the device security implementation? How is the connectivity implemented in that wireless network and what specific components, definitions and configurations are necessary?

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I have to thank you for the push I got from using your materials! I needed something to give me a better understanding. I had tried so hard to learn it but seemed to be stuck. When I used your materials I was able to define the core concepts for a better understanding. I could add notes to the guides so I bookmarked the areas I wanted to concentrate on. I then used the test questions to drill myself for the exam. It was super easy to review the notes along with the questions to get that needed push. I can proudly say I passed the Cisco 642-737: Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security (IAUWS) exam but only because of the assistance I got from you. Thank you so much! !

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Harness that power with the help of TestsForge. I did it. I passed my Cisco 642-737: Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security (IAUWS) with no problem at all, the very first time I went for it. As soon as I got started with the study course, I didn't want to stop. I love this stuff anyways and TestsForge has the perfect trio I needed. Low price point, computer access and, of course, there's the guarantee. So glad I didn't need it but so glad I had it available! I can't wait to take more courses and see how far I can go. Thanks, TestsForge!

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