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Implementing Cisco Quality of Service

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Jul 4, 14


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Overview of 642-642 certification exam

The Implementing Cisco Quality of Service exam (642-642) falls within the realm of the Cisco Certified Internet Professional (CCIP). This test validates skill and knowledge levels in working with support, implementation, troubleshooting, and technical documentation as well as other related criteria. The exam is also applicable to several other Cisco professional certifications and therefore covers a wide range of skills sets related to Cisco Quality of Service.

The 642-642 exam presents candidates with 45 to 55 questions and is offered in Japanese and English. Ninety minutes are allotted for the exam and candidates are encouraged to consider the Cisco Quality of Service QOS V2.1 training course in preparation for the test. This course covers key topics related to the Telephony series of certifications as well as the internetwork certification tract.

The 642-642 exam includes a range of topics related to the IP QOS, including but not limited to: Configuring and troubleshooting IOS routers, Mechanisms of marking, Classification creation, Queuing and Link efficiency.

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I thought I was the best in terms of the knowledge for my profession. Failing the Cisco 642-642: Implementing Cisco Quality of Service rocked my foundation and my belief that I was the best. I decided to start seeking out some help, so I would not have to live with the thought that I was not the best in my profession. I came across TestsForge in my online searching for some help and I was amazed by how much help you guys were able to provide me. I have to hand it to you guys, because you truly do know your stuff and you made the difference between me having to fail the test a second time and passing it with relative ease.

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I'm a college student and also a full-time worker. When I found out I had to take the Cisco 642-642: Implementing Cisco Quality of Service Exam for my job, I decided to look for a program that would prepare me for the test instead of taking yet another class. I have a two hour break in between classes and usually spent that time at the pond on campus feeding the ducks. Then I discovered the TestsForge program and now spend those two hours studying for the Cisco 642-642 Exam. The printable study guide allows me to be more productive with my time.

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