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Security Solutions for System Engineers

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Jul 8, 14


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Overview of 642-584 certification exam

The exam number is 642-584 SSSE and the exam name is Security Solutions for System Engineers. Recommended training for this exam is Advanced Security for Systems Engineers v4.0 Smart Services for AM / SE. The exam is valid towards the Cisco Security Solutions and Design Specialist. The 642-584 SSSE exam replaces the 642-583 SSSE test which was expired on 17th December 2012. Topics covered in this exam include recognizing modern security controls, position Cisco security products in basic customer scenarios, choosing appropriate controls for specific environments, applying basic security design guidelines, building an optimal solution based on basic customer requirements and recognizing modern threats to enterprise business processes. Testing will be administered via Pearson VUE.

Latest Customer Reviews

There is no test prep out there that can do more for you than this one

My entire world stopped once I realized I was going to have to pass the Cisco 642-584: Security Solutions for System Engineers test. As I scoured the internet looking for something that could help I was worried that I wasn't going to find anything that could actually help. That is when I came across TestsForge and I knew right away that I could take a deep breath and relax. Everything about this program is helpful and designed to do one thing: Pass the test with flying colors. There is no test prep out there that can do more for you than this one.

- From Ilias Chrysanthos

Quality Exemplified

When I think of quality I think of something that is worth more than the cost. I am willing to pay top dollar if my return on investment will be worthy. I have to say that TestsForge is a quality company. When I had to study for exam Cisco 642-584: Security Solutions for System Engineers I needed quality help. I found that when I came across TestsForge. I didn't mind paying if I were going to pass the test. Passing meant a raise for me but I got something more than that as well. I actually learned some new things that I didn't expect. I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know but I was wrong. It was a pleasant surprise.

- From Jason Burke

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