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Overview of 642-567 certification exam

The 642-567 Advanced Security for Field Engineers exam is the certifying assessment for the Cisco Advanced Security Field Specialist certification. This exam will test one’s knowledge of specific Cisco security products and the manner in which they are deployed within a Cisco Self-Defending Network strategy. The 642-567 exam is currently only being administered in the English language. The ideal candidate will have completed the ASFE training course prior to taking this exam.

The exam’s 65-75 test items will address topics such as identifying components, features, and technology used for Cisco Network Access Control, configuring AV vendor policy server, installing Cisco NAC agents from Trend policy server, and implementing Cisco Clean Access (user roles, network scanning, implementing on user devices). Prospects should also have an understanding of the processes of installing and configuring the CS MARS product as well as knowledge of components, functions, and features of MARS. More specific related items will also appear on this exam, therefore candidates should prepare accordingly.

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