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Designing Cisco Storage Network Solutions

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Jul 5, 14


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Overview of 642-357 certification exam

Candidates had sixty minutes to answer 55 to 65 questions for the 642-357 DCSNS exam, which was retired at the end of May 2013. Available in both English and Japanese versions, this exam tested candidate’s knowledge of their ability to select and integrate the appropriate Cisco storage product solutions. Candidates were required to design highly scalable, efficient, and high performing storage network solutions, based on converged architecture, when given specific theoretical requirements. The exam required candidates to perform a needs analysis that identified the appropriate topology, protocols, and transport for customer needs, identify interoperability requirements from a customer’s SAN, and design an appropriate solution with IP configurations for a SAN solution. In order to successfully pass this exam, Cisco recommended that candidates complete the course “Designing Cisco Storage Network Solutions,” which is offered by Cisco Learning Partners in various areas around the globe. Successful passage of this exam earned candidate certification as a Cisco Data Center Storage Network Design Specialist.

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