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DMPS - Designing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Solutions

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Jul 3, 14


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Overview of 642-272 certification exam

The 642-272 MeetingPlace Design Specialist exam is designed to cover material related to the topic of planning out a comprehensive customer Cisco Unified MeetingPlace deployment that is equipped with a number of different options. It is also made to evaluate your ability to identify and evaluate customer applications. Finally, your knowledge of IP telephony infrastructure and conferencing with voice and video as well as web requirements will be tested.

This exam features 55-65 questions, and a full 75 minutes are given for test takers to answer them all. The course that has been recommended for those preparing for this exam is Designing MeetingPlace Solutions. Official Cisco texts from the Cisco Marketplace Bookstore are another wonderful option or those seeking additional study materials.

There are a number of skills that test takers must possess to pass this exam. These skills start with gathering the necessary information for the purpose of building an MP solution, communicating the architectures and the benefits of said MP solution, sizing an MP solution, and selecting an MP solution that will fit within the context of a specific customer environment.

Preparation should include a thorough review of all the subject matter that falls under the heading of this exam as well as a review of all closely related subject matter. The topics provided above will not necessarily encompass all the material that will be included on this exam, so study regimens must be structured to include any omitted topics for maximum success.

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Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I am in my 50's and had not planned to go back to studying again. When I was faced with having to pass the Cisco 642-272: DMPS - Designing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Solutions I was a bit taken back and felt concern that I could get back to cracking the books. I tried tackling the challenge on my own for a bit, then a neighbor who is in the same industry mentioned TestsForge. I am so glad we had that conversation. I found your website and used your products to help me study. I am so happy to inform you that I passed. Never say you are too old to try something new.

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